What is a psychological personnel assessment?

Momentous' personnel assessment is not a rating system

Our personnel assessment is founded on scientific knowledge and psychological people skills. Our in-house method development unit sees to our diverse evaluation methods developed in cooperation with the University of Helsinki.

The use of scientific methods and customised simulations, alongside an interview, by a psychologist help us to assess the person’s capabilities and suitability for the position in question. The psychological assessment helps to ensure the compatibility of your organisation and the candidate’s values and culture as well as to increase the self-awareness of key persons.

Typical assessment process

  1. We will have a background discussion with you in order to learn about the job description, survey the current situation and define the assessment criteria for each task.
  2. We will contact the candidates to be assessed and send them preliminary tasks to complete before the assessment meeting.
  3. The meeting consists of an interview with a psychologist and a role-based simulation and assessment tasks. The evaluation meeting takes 2 to 3 hours.
  4. You will receive a clear written report of the evaluated persons, their suitability, motivation and the most important skills for the task.
  5. During our reporting discussion, we will further define the matters brought up in the assessment report. We can also assess the impact of the recruitment on the organisation in general.
  6. The evaluated person also receives a report on their evaluation and, if desired, verbal feedback.


The personnel assessment provides the recruiting supervisor with

  • information about the evaluated person's strengths and needs for development in the task
  • practical tools and insight into making the onboarding of the new key employee smoother
  • tips for helping the new employee to reach their full potential and enjoy their job
  • keys to develop your own recruiting skills, identify material risks relating to the recruitment and sharpen the eye for better recruitment and assessment decisions
  • opportunities for finding differences between equally strong candidates.

For the person being assessed, the personnel assessment provides an opportunity to reflect on their own career, themselves as an employee and the motivational factors that are important to them. Participating in an evaluation has helped many people to view themselves in a new light and understand to which positions and organisations they are best suited.

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