Cresco personnel assessment

What is a psychological personnel assessment?

Momentous' personnel assessment is not a rating system

Our personnel assessment is founded on scientific knowledge and psychological people skills. The simultaneous use of scientific methods and customised simulations on top of an interview with a psychologist help us assess the assessed person’s capacity and suitability for the position in question.

The psychological assessment helps ensure the compatibility of your and the candidate’s values and culture as well as increase the self-knowledge of key personnel. For the recruiting manager, the assessment offers crucial information on how the person being recruited should be managed to help them reach their full potential.

The assessment also helps the candidate by providing them with an opportunity to take a moment and reflect on their working life, themselves as an employee and motivators important to them. The process has helped many people view themselves in a new light and understand to which positions and organisations they are best suited.

The suitability assessment is always customised on a case-by-case basis. The assessment meetings can take a few hours or half a day.

Typical assessment process:

  1. We contact potential candidates to book an evaluation meeting.
  2. Before the meeting, we send the candidates a few advance assignments.
  3. At the assessment meeting, we focus on interactive situations: When you are looking for the right person for a directorial or demanding expert position, we will invite the candidates to an interview with a psychologist and have them participate in assessment exercises and simulations that help us determine their suitability for the role in question.
  4. The psychologist’s statement comments on a candidate’s suitability, motivation and key competencies. The candidate is also given a copy of the statement.
  5. At the assessment report discussion, the psychologist gives the recruiting manager a clear statement on the strengths and suitability of each candidate. The psychologist and the recruiting manager can also discuss the impact of the recruitment process on the organisation in general.

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