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Executive Search that hits the target

We find the best candidates to help you succeed

The development of business operations starts with the right people. Executive search is a confidential strategic recruitment tool we use to identify and find the most suitable candidates for your business and company culture.

Our in-depth and people-oriented approach helps you reach and attract top candidates who have not even considered changing jobs.

Our experts are not lonely wolves or individual anonymous subcontractors: we will assign a whole team to you to back you up during the recruitment process. We will spar with you and support you until the selection of the final candidates – and beyond.

Talentous Search: Efficient recruiting

Combine executive search with your own recruiting skills

When you are seeking the right person for a directorial or demanding expert position, use our Talentous search service to add valuable headhunting tools to your recruitment process.

Our Talentous search is a cost-effective service that makes your workload lighter. We will find and contact potential candidates for you, allowing you to focus on getting to know the candidates and selecting the most suitable one.

Momentous personnel assessment is people-oriented

Psychological personnel assessment dives beneath the surface

Personnel assessment is an essential part of the recruitment of senior experts, managers and executives. Our personnel assessments are conducted by experienced and trained psychologists.

A personnel assessment is not just a simple test. It requires the ability to approach a person at a personal level and identify the factors that motivate the person being evaluated and the nuances beyond their expertise.

Our experienced specialists will give you a reasoned psychological statement on whether the person being evaluated is suitable for the position in terms of personality, work approach and competencies, and how you can support their growth.

Improved management leads to the desired result

Raise your company’s management to the next level

We specialise in organisation development and training that combine psychological evaluation and strong business expertise. We will help you identify and highlight individual employees’ and teams’ strengths, blind spots and capacity to grow in the desired direction. Improve your company’s management practices to hit your targets.

Our diverse work approach is founded on person-oriented, direct communication, innovativeness, and implementation of changes. Among other things, we will help you understand your company culture’s impact on company operations and decision-making and identify the challenges it poses for your strategic goals or change management.

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