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Momentous offers a unique client and candidate experience

Profound support to develop your company

At Momentous, we understand that positive experiences start with the first meeting. This can be a phone call, a meeting or negotiations: any moment we approach our clients as persons. Our strong business expertise and understanding of business psychology help us help you develop your company.

When you need to recruit a new key player for your team, develop your company’s management culture or understand the psychology of the people being evaluated, Momentous’ team is here to spar with you and support you.

“Momentous is excellent at identifying our needs, finding candidates that fulfil these needs and fit in with our culture, and keeping us and the candidates up to date about the progress of the recruitment process. The entire process is carried out professionally and the consultants are very friendly.”

Unique candidate experience

Momentous is a people-oriented and reliable partner for the candidates and evaluated persons as well. During the process, our interviews help candidates identify their strengths and clarify their career goals. The process often opens new doors for even those who do not end up being selected. It is no surprise that we often tend to meet the same people again.

Participation in our executive search or personal evaluation helps candidates see their career and personal competencies in a new light. When you have set the goals for yourself and your career, you will gain a better understanding of what positions and companies will allow you to reach your full potential.

“The management of the process was exemplary – from the first contact to the final discussion. The discussions with an executive search consultant were very rewarding and open. The consultant was incredibly skilled in their knowledge of the recruiting company’s field. I received great tools for decision-making. The process phases and schedule were clear from the very start. After I signed my contract, the consultant called me soon after just to congratulate me.”

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