Talentous search combines your own recruitment skills and the best aspects of executive search

An agile combination of a candidate survey and your own recruitment skills

By choosing our Talentous search, you will have our entire profiling and candidate surveying expertise at your disposal. Through the Talentous search service, we act as the right hand of our client companies’ talent acquisition teams by bringing our executive search resources and expertise to the table. Our strong project management experience ensures an efficient recruitment process, allowing you to focus on what is important.

We find the best candidates available

In the Talentous search, we search for the candidates with the greatest potential available in the market and find out about their interest in the vacancy and their current skills and competencies.

We will provide you with the suitable candidates’ CVs, contact details and compensation expectations, and any essential information gained through the candidate interviews. After receiving all this information, you can continue your own recruitment process by organising job interviews and selecting the final candidate.

The Talentous search process takes 3–4 weeks from the start of the profiling to the candidate presentation.

Your benefits

  1. An agile and well-managed executive search process as part of your own recruitment process
  2. Confidence in finding the best candidates
  3. No more expensive and time-consuming job advertisements
  4. Resources for surveying potential candidates
  5. Timely insight into the candidate market

We will contact your company’s target groups directly and reinforce your employer branding

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