People-oriented personnel assessment

Multimethodological personnel assessment helps you hit the target

Deeper understanding about capabilities, operational models and motivational factors

A psychological personnel assessment provides information about the person being assessed in order to support the recruitment decision, identifying the person's competence and potential. It offers a deeper understanding about the person’s capabilities and different operational models and motivational factors that affect the person’s behaviour.

Our multimethodological personnel assessments include interviews by a psychologist, a simulated work situation, case work and various tests and questionnaires. We choose the methods to be used together with the customer based on the defined needs, the position and the way in which the organisation operates. Multimethodology increases the accuracy of the assessment significantly and provides insight into the internal motivators and values of the person being assessed.

Our assessment method has been developed in cooperation with the University of Helsinki. Our methodology development unit continuously sees to our comprehensive range of assessment methods.

Comprehensive suitability assessment for all types of assessment needs

A comprehensive multimethodological suitability assessment is an outsourced assessment that we carry out from start to finish without any complexity and according to your desired schedule. You will receive a concise assessment by a psychologist of one or more candidates to support your decision-making and leadership.

Suitability assessment

  • increases the accuracy of recruitments and reduces the risk of costly misrecruitments due to the person's personality and way of working
  • guarantees equal treatment of all candidates
  • provides an objective perspective of the candidate by an external expert
  • surveys the compatibility of the candidate and the recruiting organisation
  • provides the recruiting supervisor with information about the candidate's strengths and development areas to support leadership and onboarding
  • builds and maintains a good employer image.

Suitability assessment is suited for all types of assessment needs, especially when assessing individuals for demanding expert and management positions.

The suitability assessment typically takes three to six hours. You will receive the report the day after the assessment at best.

No time wasted with agile assessment

In the agile assessment, the psychology consultant joins the recruitment process at an early stage and participates in the interview with the recruiting supervisor. The agile assessment is also multimethodological and includes psychological tests and a work sample.

The agile assessment saves time and is agile for both you and the person being assessed: there is no need for a separate suitability assessment and its scheduling. The agile assessment is reported verbally immediately after the interview and in writing the following day.

With an agile assessment, you can cost-effectively assess a larger number of candidates. It is best suited for expert, manager and line manager roles.

Identify potential and find the necessary competence within your organisation

Potential assessment is particularly suitable for growth and change situations in organisations, when there is a need to find hidden potential or identify competences or areas where an individual’s potential has not yet been optimally utilised or into which they could grow. Potential assessment is used, for example, to identify managerial potential, reorganise tasks or as part of management team coaching, mentoring and career guidance.

Potential assessment focuses on identifying motivational factors, skills and development potential. In the competitive talent market, it is possible to find the necessary competence internally in your own organisation by identifying potential.

We carry out the potential assessment by means of a suitability assessment and flexibly agree on the schedule with you. We produce a report on the assessment to support the development of the assessed person and review the assessment feedback with them with a mentoring approach. If several persons are involved in the potential assessment, we will prepare a summary and report it to you to support the organisational level development plans.

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