People-oriented personnel assessment

Multimethodological Cresco personnel assessment helps you hit the target

Multimethodology helps you hit the target

We always use multiple methods to conduct our personnel assessments. These include an interview with a psychologist, simulations, case work, and various tests and questionnaires. Multimethodology increases the accuracy of the assessment significantly and provides insight into the internal motivators and values of the person being assessed.

Assessment lays the foundation for the success of the person being assessed

Our personnel assessment also provides the new key employee with practical tools and insight for adapting to their new role. At Momentous, our job is to identify the means and methods that help individuals shine in their new positions.

Assessment report discussions also develop your own skills

The final report discussion is a crucial part of Momentous’ personnel assessment process. The discussion gives you the keys to develop your own recruiting skills, helps you identify candidate-related risks and sharpens your eye for better recruitment and assessment decisions.

We understand our role as a branch of your employer image: communication with us is one of the first contacts your new key player has with your company.

Your benefits

  1. Identify the candidate’s strengths and potential for improvement
  2. A personnel assessment professional’s objective view on the person’s suitability for the position – fewer poor recruitment decisions
  3. Identify differences between evenly matched candidates
  4. Management tips for helping the new employee reach their full potential and enjoy their job

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